joining-together:New  Human  Adults  who  have  just  made  it  to  the  back  of  the  movie  theater  will usually display some common personality traits. First, they begin to understand there are possibilities that were inconceivable to them as a Human Child. Even their freedom to walk around is a new sensation that takes some getting used to. Being up and out of their seats has given them new hope and new energy. They don’t necessarily understand what’s happening, but it excites them to find out, to exercise this freedom and explore these…

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PLATO’S CAVE:Imagine that for your entire life you have been sitting in a chair in a movie theater. The place is dark, like all movie theaters; but you can feel… No… wait! Before we go there… There’s  a famous  allegory called  “Plato’s Cave,”  written  of course by Plato.  It’s a fictional  conversation  between  Plato’s  teacher,  Socrates,  and  Plato’s  brother,  Glaucon; and, essentially, the first part of the allegory goes like this… Socrates  asks  Glaucon  to  imagine  a  cave  inhabited  by  prisoners  who  have  been chained  and  held  immobile  since  childhood.…

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