THE HOLOGRAM HOLOGRAM:How is “reality” created from The Field? Most  quantum  physicists  agree  it  is  a  very  similar  process  to  the  creation  of  a hologram. In other words, the universe we see is a “holographic universe.” “When we look at some of the scientific views of ‘reality’ that have tried to get down,  down, down to the nitty-gritty, we see at its ultimate level… that reality is not solid – it’s  mostly empty space – and whatever solidity it has seems more to resemble a hologram  picture rather than material,…

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LIBRARY:There  are three  other  doors in  the back  of the movie  theater  I haven’t mentioned. One has a sign saying, “Men’s Room;” another says “Ladies Room;” and above the third door is a sign saying, “Library,” and that door is never closed. In between groups, or as I began to realize the particular group I belonged to at the time wasn’t going to produce what they were offering and my membership was coming to an end, I would go into this Library and read, looking for new inspiration and hope.…

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Acts-Good News for Everyone

About this book The writer Most people agree that Luke wrote Acts. Luke also wrote the third *Gospel. In Acts, he told how the good news about Jesus *Christ spread. It spread to the world beyond *Jerusalem. Luke was a *Gentile and he was a doctor (Colossians 4:14). He worked with Paul and he travelled with Paul (Philemon 1:24). Luke was very careful about what he wrote. He knew that some things were true. And he wrote only those things. At the beginning of his *Gospel, he wrote this. ‘You…

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