PLAYER MODEL:This is your first opportunity to find out “Who am I not?” You  are  not your  Infinite  I.  You  are  not the  one  who  is  choosing  the  wave frequencies from The Field and creating your experiences. You are not even infinite. Your body, mind, intellect, and everything associated with them are part of your holographic universe. They aren’t real, much less infinite. Your Infinite I is the “I Am,” and you are the “I think” part of the equation. If you can really get this at the beginning of your cocoon stage, your metamorphosis will be so much  more fun and easy and enjoyable.  However, right now your  ego – the false personality you’ve constructed over time  – is probably screaming in your  ear that this is all bullshit and to close the book quickly and stop listening to this lunatic; because your ego wants you to think you’re something you’re not, something “more,” something “special” that is in fact immortal. That way, as long as “you” never die, it doesn’t have to either. But that’s exactly what needs to happen in the cocoon: you and your ego must die just like the caterpillar. I realize every religion and every spiritual teaching I’m aware of in the movie theater – including  the New Age – preaches that you  are really a spiritual  being (your  “soul”) having  a  physical  experience  (in  your  body).  Even  Robert  Scheinfeld,  who  was  my mentor and fellow scout, said your  Infinite I (which he called your “Expanded Self”) is “the sun of who you really are;”1 and if everybody says it, why shouldn’t you believe it? Because it isn’t true… …and  it  is  perhaps  the  greatest  error  inside  the  movie  theater  that  prevents  all Human Children and Human Adults from becoming butterflies. As  an  astronaut  on  the  moon,  would  you  say  you  were  really  Mission  Control,  in charge of the mission? If you were the right tackle on a football team, would you  say you  were really the quarterback calling the plays? If  you  were  a  trumpet  player  in  an  orchestra,  would  you  say  you  were  really  the conductor? I’m sure you’d like to think you  are your  consciousness, that you are the “I Am;” but the simple fact you’d like to  think you are your  consciousness is evidence of which side of the equation you are actually on. In the end, all that can be known and said to be true is that your  Infinite I is the one on the other side of The Field who is creating all your holographic experiences for you, and you are not your Infinite I; and, really, that’s all you need to know. * * What’s the big deal? What’s the problem if we want to think we are our Infinite I’s, the one creating our holographic experiences? If  the  astronaut  on  the  moon  thought  he  was  Mission  Control,  what  do  you  think would happen to the mission? If the  right  guard on the football  team  thought he  was the  quarterback,  how many games do you think that team would win? If  the  trumpet  player  in  the  orchestra  thought  he  was  the  conductor,  what  do  you think the symphony would sound like? But  more  importantly,  every  moment  you  spend  trying  to  be  your  Infinite  I is  a distraction from the real job you were created to do. Now that you’re in the cocoon, the sooner you can stop trying to be your  Infinite I, the more time you will have for finding out who you really are. Let me use another analogy to make sure I’m being clear about this. If an  Infinite I saw  the  Atlantic  Ocean  and  decided  it  wanted  to  go  swimming,  it  might  first  wonder about the temperature of the water, and then decide to create a big toe on its right foot to test  the  water  before  taking  the  plunge.  The  job  of  that  big  toe  would  be  to  have  the experience  of  immersing  itself  in  the  water  of  the  Atlantic,  and  then  sending  back  its feelings to its Infinite I through the feedback connection. You get the picture. You are the big toe. You are not the whole body, or the brain, or the consciousness. You are the big toe. If  this  were  the  case  –  if  you  were  the  big  toe  –  would  you  go  around  telling everyone you were actually the Infinite I? If you truly understood why you were created and  your  role  in  relationship  to  your  Infinite  I,  wouldn’t  you  be  satisfied  to  do  your specific job and do it well, and not try to be more than you are? But as long as you constantly try to claim you  “really are” your  Infinite I, can you see you become more of a pain in the ass than a big toe? Your  Infinite  I has shown an  infinite  patience  while  you  have  tried  to  take  its  job away  your  entire  life,  and  in  the  process  ignored  and  denied  your  actual  purpose  for existence.  But  even  that  wasn’t  “wrong,”  and  worked  perfectly  for  your  experiences while in the movie theater. It just won’t work well in the cocoon. Some of this has to do with the ego, and some with being told by all religions and spiritual teachings we aren’t good enough exactly the way we are, that we’re more than “just”  a  big  toe.  If  we  didn’t  feel  such  shame  about  who  we  are,  we  wouldn’t  need anything “better” or “higher” to be or become. When you’re finished with this process in the cocoon, you will know who you  really are and be totally satisfied with that and not need to be anything else. “Serenity of being” is what I call it. * * Maybe  you  don’t believe  there is anything  other than  yourself  and your  own mind creating all your experiences – nothing “higher,” no soul or spirit or anything like that. Perhaps while in the movie theater you rejected any concept that suggested some “higher power” was at work in your life. Denying the existence of your Infinite I is as much of an error as thinking you are your Infinite I, and in direct conflict with quantum physics and the human brain studies. It may have served you well as a caterpillar, but not any more. However, I don’t blame you or judge you, especially since the “higher power” everyone was trying to convince you existed made no sense in the way they portrayed it. As Philip K. Dick said in his novel, Valis, “The Creator is insane.” But there is no doubt something (what I am calling the Infinite I) is on the other side of The Field creating you and your holographic experiences. Frankly, it is only your ego that would like you to believe differently, to think you – on this side of The Field – have the  power  to  create  anything.  You  will  have  a  direct  experience  of  this  truth  in  the cocoon, if you can allow yourself to see it. * * If  you  are  not  your  Infinite  I,  then  what  are  you?  And  exactly  what’s  your relationship to your Infinite I? The best answer is that you are a “Player” – and so am I – a Player created by your Infinite  I to  play  a  game,  which  it  loves  to  do.  (In  the  next  chapter  we’ll  start  talking specifically about the game you’re playing.) Shakespeare told us over four-hundred years ago: “All the world’s a stage, and all  the men and women merely players.”2 Maybe we could have paid more attention. I have suggested, and will suggest often, there are “hints” and “clues” all around us in plain sight about how this holographic universe works. One of them is the computer video games that have become so popular. If you’ve never played a video game, you should. They can provide some very deep insights along with a lot of fun. I recommend going to  Pirates of the Caribbean Online, which is free from Disney and a good example of what I’m talking about. Most sophisticated video games, like Pirates, begin by creating a Player to represent you  in  the  game.  In  Pirates,  you  can  create  a  new  Player  from  scratch,  choosing  the gender; the shape of the body; the height; the skin tone; all sorts of designs for the face;  the shape of the jaw, lips, and cheeks; the eye color, eyebrows, and shape of the eyes; lots of choices for the nose and ears; the hairstyle and color, including a beard and mustache; and then all combinations of clothing. The last thing you  do is choose a name for your Player. I still marvel at this technology! It seems as if you could create an infinite number of variations of Players from all the different choices. Now go back to Pirates and create another player (they let you create two for free). This time, however, imagine yourself as an Infinite I who wants to play and express itself creatively,  and  you  want  to  design  a  player  who  will  be  your  representative  in  this adventure, since you can’t go inside the game and play it yourself. The point is that you – and I – were created by our Infinite I’s and custom-designed the way they wanted us to look, down to the bridge of our noses. They even gave us our names.  (For  those  who  might  still  believe  what  we  were  taught  in  school  that  our appearance  is  the  sole  result  of  DNA  inherited  from  our  parents,  I  recommend  The  Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.) * * Am I saying you are totally “separate” from your  Infinite I? No, not at all; not any more than a big toe is “separate” from the rest of the body. A big toe has its separate function, its specific job to do, but it is part of the whole. A big  toe,  however,  would  never  think  it  was the  whole  body.  That  would  be  delusion, which is what all Players in the movie theater suffer from. Instead,  a  big  toe  is  constantly  connected  to  its  body,  and  happily  and  willing receives commands from the brain. In the same way, you – as a Player – are constantly connected to your  Infinite I; and as soon as you stop trying to be something you’re not, your connection to your Infinite I will get a lot clearer. * * By now you  know I like  to let  you  read  quotes  from other people  who are  saying essentially the same thing but in different words, to give you another perspective. In this case, I’m going to bypass quantum physics and go instead to metaphysics. Darryl  Anka  is  a  channel,  and  the  entity  who  supposedly  speaks  through  him  is called  “Bashar.”  Here’s  what  Bashar  has to  say on this  topic,  which  I  really like  even though he uses the term “higher self”…. “Most of you are familiar with the idea that you have a physical consciousness – a  personality as a physical being – that you relate to as ‘yourself.’ But then there is this  mysterious idea of the ‘higher self.’ Simply put, most of you understand or at least intuit  that the so-called ‘higher self’ is … non-physical. Even more simply you could say that  there is a vibrational frequency above physical reality – just beyond physical reality – in  which resides what you might refer to as a ‘template’ for physical reality or upon which  your physical experience is constructed. “It might surprise you to know, as personality constructs – as physical minds – you  do not conceive of any ideas. The personality does not conceive of concepts. It perceives  concepts;  it  does  not  conceive  them….  The  ‘higher  self’  conceives;  the  physical  brain  receives;  the  personality  mind  perceives.  That’s  all  it  does.  Any  idea,  any  inspiration,  any  imagination  ‘you’  have  ever  had  doesn’t  come  from  the  physical  mind  portion  of  you; it comes from the ‘higher self’ portion of you through the receiver – the brain – and  is  translated  by  the  brain  into  a  vibration  that  the  physical  mind  then  perceives  as  a  reflected reality. “This  may  sound  at  first  somewhat  limiting,  but  in  fact  it’s  very,  very  freeing,  because you can all stop thinking! You can all stop thinking you’re in charge. You can  all stop thinking that you have to think of everything. You can all stop thinking you’re the  one  guiding  the  ship.  You’re  not.  You  are  just  looking  at  the  road.  You’re  just  experiencing the path…. “The  reason  you get  into  trouble,  the  reason  you  feel  stuck  as a  physical  mind  is  because you have been taught to believe that the physical mind is the one coming up with  all this stuff. And it’s not. So when you try to manipulate it, it doesn’t work, because the  physical mind is not designed to create those concepts. It is only designed to perceive the  effect of the creation of [your ‘higher self’] through the receiver, the physical brain. “This  allows  you  to  lighten  up  your  load,  stop  carrying  so  much  baggage,  stop  trying to do your ‘higher self’s’ job, and just do your own. That’s why so many of you are  so  tired;  it’s  because  you’re  trying  to  do  a  job  you  weren’t  designed  to  do.  That’s  exhausting! Stop! You were not hired to do that job. Your ‘higher self’ already has that  job and it’s working for you perfectly…. Just do the job you were designed to do, which  is perceive.”3 * * Apparently Bashar, or Darryl, can mix metaphors as well as I can! “You can all stop  thinking  you’re the one guiding the ship. You’re not. You are just looking at the road.  You’re just experiencing the path….” – ship, road, path…. So let me say it this way: You are not the one driving the bus. Your Infinite I “hired” you – created you – to sit in the back of the bus and perceive and react and respond to the  scenery as it goes by,  and that’s all. But you  haven’t done the best possible job at that either, since you’ve spent a lot of time up front trying to take the bus driver’s job away from him. You  do  not  create  the  scenery  (your  holographic  experiences);  you  do  not  choose which scenery to look at; you do not decide what direction the bus will travel. All those jobs belong to the bus driver, your Infinite I. Who am I not? You are not the bus driver. You are not the one creating your reality. You – on the same side of The Field as reality itself – have no power to create anything, as a matter of fact. When you  finally surrender and accept  this fact, it should actually come as quite a relief. After all, we worked very hard while inside the movie theater to create our reality –  a  reality  we  wanted  – thinking  we did  indeed  drive  the  bus  and  were responsible  to decide  what direction  it took and what  scenery we would see; and, of course, it  didn’t work. At least we didn’t create a reality we really wanted. Now we can sit back and relax and enjoy the ride, allowing our Infinite I’s to do the driving and know our only job is to react and respond to the scenery – to the experiences that pop up in front of us. “Go Greyhound, and leave the driving to your Infinite I.” * * A  few  people,  when  they  first  hear  this,  react  angrily  –  almost  violently  –  to  the whole idea, thinking  I’m suggesting they are nothing  more  than a puppet or a slave of their Infinite I, who pulls all the strings and the Player dances accordingly. Nothing could be further from the truth. That, in fact, would defeat the entire purpose of the game the Infinite I has created you to play, which is coming in the next chapter. In order for the game to work for your  Infinite I, you, as a Player, must always  be free  –  must  always  have  free  will  –  not  to  choose  or  create  which  holographic experiences you  have, but how you will react and respond to them. In fact, this is why you exist as a Player, to use your free will to choose your reactions and responses, and to experience the feelings associated with those reactions and responses. It’s the feelings the Infinite  I wants from you;  and if you  didn’t have free will to choose your  feelings, the whole point of the game would be moot. So you  are far from being a puppet or a slave, manipulated by some  Infinite I you can’t see and are not even sure exists. You are an integral Player in the game, performing a valuable and unique service to your  Infinite I. Think about it… if your  Infinite I has to focus on driving  the  bus all  the  time,  wouldn’t it make  sense it  would  create  a part of itself, a representative of itself, to sit in the back of the bus to be the one who could focus solely on the scenery, and then send the feelings from the reactions and responses to the scenery back to the Infinite I through a strong and constant connection? Do you think the astronaut on the moon considers itself a puppet or slave of Mission Control? Do you think the right guard on the football team considers itself to be a puppet or slave of the quarterback? Do you think the trumpet player in the orchestra considers itself to be a puppet or slave of the conductor? Obviously not. PLAYER MODEL:They know their role and execute it willingly. Another analogy just occurred to me. At DisneyWorld, Pirates of the Caribbean is a real amusement ride – as compared to the online version I spoke of earlier. You sit in a little  boat  and  are  taken  on  a  journey  through  a  number  of  different  scenes  and experiences, all of which are designed to give you an inner experience, which can range from joy and excitement to fear and tension. The path of the journey and the scenes you see were created by the designer of the ride, and you don’t choose where the boat goes or what experiences you  encounter.PLAYER MODEL: Your only job is to sit in the boat and enjoy the ride, reacting and responding to what you see in any way you want; and, of course, no reaction  or response you might have could ever be “wrong.” All  the  designer  of  the  ride  is  interested  in,  and  wants,  are  your  feelings to  the experiences he has created for you; but I have yet to meet anyone who thinks they are a puppet or a slave of the designer of Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s only your ego, feeling threatened, that is resisting the idea of being a Player for your Infinite I, coming up with this “puppet” and “slave” argument. It also has to do with being unwilling to relinquish control. Apparently we all want to be the one in control of our life, the Master of our Domain, even though we’d have to admit we haven’t done a very good job of it so far, since no one seems very pleased with the reality they already have. But that’s exactly the way it was supposed to be as long as you were in the movie theater. You had to believe – as every religion and spiritual philosophy led you to believe  – you were the one driving the bus. It was perfect for that purpose. You’ve left the movie theater now and want to become a butterfly. An important and essential part of that process is giving up the need and the desire to be in control – to let go of the steering wheel, to be willing to do the job you were created for and not try to be the bus driver. * * “Okay,  okay.  So I’m not a puppet for my  Infinite I.PLAYER MODEL: I still want to at least be a co- creator of my experiences,” my friend insists. I want to be very careful with this one, because in a sense we  are co-creators – but not  the  way  we  normally  think  of  that  word.  However,  it’s  possible  our  reactions  and responses to one experience can have an impact on the next experience we have.PLAYER MODEL: If my Infinite I is driving the bus, and I’m sitting in the back reacting and responding to the scenery that goes by my window, I might have a particular reaction or response my Infinite  I finds especially interesting  and wants to explore. So it might turn around and drive by that scene again,  giving me  the same  experience;  or it might  drive by another similar scene to see if I respond the same way. You could say my reactions and responses to the first experience helped to “co-create” the same or similar experience later. For instance, if I react with fear to something in my hologram, my  Infinite I might decide to send me another very similar hologram to see how I would react the next time. Maybe it was fascinated by my fear, when it knows there was nothing to be afraid of in  the  experience  it  had created  for  me  and  wonders  why I was so  terrified.  Or  maybe  it wants to give me the gift of discovering for myself  there is nothing to be afraid of. Or maybe  it just wanted to feel my fear again vicariously (which we’ll discuss in the next chapter). Going back to our example  of the  Pirates of the Caribbean amusement  ride, if the designer were trying to create a successful ride, I assume he would be very interested in the reactions and responses from the participants to the scenes he created for them, and their feedback would play a role in his evolving design – the path the boat took and the experiences they had. There are all kinds of possibilities. The point is that our reactions and responses to certain experiences might influence the experiences we are given in the future. So I guess you  could  say,  technically,  you  were  “co-creating”  those  future  experiences  with  your Infinite I as a result of your reactions and responses to the present experience. But that’s stretching the definition of “co-creator” as far as I am concerned; and it doesn’t have to happen that way at all. Your Infinite I is always free to create whatever future experiences it wants for you, regardless of your reaction or response to the present one; and you are never in any way part of the actual creation process of any experience itself. Unfortunately, that won’t make my friend very happy, because he wants to be a full- fledged co-creator of his experiences to satisfy his own ego and maintain the illusion of some semblance of control over his life. * * I  consider  L.  Ron  Hubbard  to  be  both  a  genius  and  a  madman.  Some  of  his Scientology  techniques  for  letting  go  of  the  past  can  be  quite  workable  for  a  Human Adult inside the movie theater. But ultimately he committed an “overt” (a wrong action) by telling  his followers, “The supreme test of a Thetan is the ability to make  things go right.” (“Thetan” was his word for the soul or spirit.) Consider  Hubbard’s  two  most  “Valuable  Final  Products,”  John  Travolta  and  Tom Cruise. I wonder… in light of the family tragedies and professional pitfalls, do you think they  feel  like  they  are  “making  things  go  right”  all  the  time?  How  do  you feel  when you’re told you’re “less than” if you fail to meet some arbitrary spiritual standard? Inside  the  movie  theater,  not  everything  can  “go  right,”  ever;  it  was  designed  that way.  John Travolta and Tom Cruise are no different from any other Human Adult who can achieve  a few spectacular  things in some  areas of their  lives, but can never get all their  ducks  in  a  row  at  one  time  as  long  as  they  belong  to  a  group  in  the  back  of  the  theater. Not only is “making things go right” a judgment that keeps Human Adults stuck in the movie theater, but as you now know, a Player has no ability to make anything happen at all. A Player’s only job is to react and respond to what is happening in the holographic universe created for them by their Infinite I.

PLAYER MODEL:So you can stop working so hard trying to control your life, trying to “make things go right,” trying to create and manage the holographic images that make up your reality and your life. It’s not possible, it’s a waste of time, and it will wear you out and leave you  thinking you’re a failure.PLAYER MODEL: We spent a lot of time as Human Adults in the movie theater taking responsibility for things over which we have no control, and denying or ignoring those things over which we do. The 12-Step program is very close to the truth when it prays: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change  the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”4 You cannot change your holographic experiences, since you did not create them. You can change your reactions and responses to them. You’re in the process of gaining the wisdom you need to know the difference. You  can  relax  now  and  enjoy  the  ride;  you  are  not  responsible  for  creating  your reality,  for  making  things  go  right  in  your  life,  for  you  or  anyone  else.  You  are  only responsible for your reactions and responses to the life your Infinite I creates for you, one moment at a time; and it turns out every single one of your reactions and responses as a Player – even the ones  you might consider “bad” or “wrong” – have been valuable and cherished by your Infinite I since you were born. Let me repeat that because it is so important: Every reaction and response you have had  to  every  moment  of  your  life  –  the  holographic  movies  created  for  you  by  your Infinite I – has been “right” and perfect. You have never done anything “wrong” or made any mistake – ever. Your Infinite I wants each and every feeling you send to it, no matter what that feeling is. I can say all that, and you might understand it right now intellectually – or not; but you  will  spend the  next  two years  in  your  cocoon  processing  it  until  you  have  it  on  a cellular and emotional level as well – until you feel it as well as know it. However,  I  imagine  it  might  all  make  more  sense  if  you  know  what  game  you’re playing. So…

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